Name: The Bee's Knees
Type: Cabaret / Dance
Themes: Hollywood / 1920's
Location: UK

With sequins a-glint and fringed hems vigorously swinging, the Bee’s Knees dance the 1920's in to the noughties. Their hot Charleston tunes make every foot feel tip-tappiddy-happy, while these chic show-girls provide an act with a euphoric party atmosphere.

DELIGHT: in moves to make your mother shimmy.
GASP: at the black bottom!
WITNESS: the raw energy of thoroughly modern girls freed from hobble skirts…

And my, what those liberated limbs can do!
At every kick and turn the Bees Knees exude the quirky exoticism, grace and humour of an era when knees were VERY exciting!


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