Name: Circus of Horrors
Type: Cabaret / Circus Performance / Freak Shows
Themes: Fetish / Halloween
Location: UK

One of the most astonishing acts from the infamous Circus of Horrors, the Girl in the Bottle has audiences cringing but unable to look away as she emerges unharmed from an impossibly tiny glass bottle. Inspired by the macabre sense of humour of Victorian freak shows, the Girl in the Bottle’s performance may be gruesome, but never strays outside the realm of fun.

Satanica Satanica brings her creepiest, crawliest friends along to play in this live animal act. Introducing the audience to pythons, scorpions and gigantic tarantula spiders, she dances with them to an eerie soundtrack. Later in the performance, she invites a member of the audience to join her onstage and allows the lucky volunteer the privilege of having the creatures scurry over them for a guarenteed high cringe factor!

An amazing spectacle for all ages. Circus Of Horrors have many different circus freakshow acts available seperately or as a group.


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