Name: Jarmean?
Type: music hall / Comedy / Community & Street / Dance / Jazz / Music / Punk Rock n' ska
Themes: 1920's / Victorian
Location: UK / International

Blending rag time, vaudeville, cabaret, skat jazz and tavern turned shanties - a fascinating music hall meets travelling freak show extravaganza... Jarmean? unique lineup of drums, ukulele, tuba, vocals, horns and dancing provide a music hall show for the 21st century. Collaborating alongside such artistes as Ophelia Bitz.and appearing at Festivals such as White Mischief, Greenwich and Windsor and Hampton Court Jazz Festival.


Jarmean? met, rehearse, eat and drink- half the band still live- in Whitechapel. Their unique line up and sound a natural expression of their twisted natures; the desire to tell the bitterest tales with the sweetest, most in offensive of all instruments: the ukulele. Combined with tuba, drums and horns Jarmean? was born , described by Converse new music as like “Jack the Ripper meets Blur” and “either ruthlessly cynical or madly romantic”. Jarmean? are psycho-geographic oneironauts telling tales of transcendent truths; time travelling troubadours! Since late 2009 Jarmean? have been featured on Steve Lamacqs BBC Radio 2 show, had a new band to watch featured in Artrocker Jarmean? have a dedicated live following; when they play decadent dressing up and demented dancing are the dish of the day. Let their music move you without moving as you bask in the beauty of the band’s home-world, Babylon-don. Babylon-don! Where anarchy and allegory are beaten into bawdy ballads! They have already featured onSteve Lamacq's show on BBC Radio 2 and Converse Music described the band as ‘Blur meets Jack the Ripper’ Rock & Roll Report named their track "Bad Penny" as one of the Top Ten Tracks of 2009! ‘…fuses punk and vaudeville in an amazingly innovative way and discovering this band was like discovering a diamond in a pile of rocks.’ Rock & Roll Report


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