Name: Lilli
Type: Acrobat / Aerialist / Cabaret / Circus Performance / Walk About / Trapeze / Models / Silks / Aerial Hoops
Themes: Country & Western / Disco / Garden Party / Rock'n'roll / Sporting / Valentines / Christmas / Wedding / James Bond / Circus
Location: UK / International

Aerial Hoop Act: In her aerial hoop act “dream” Lilli creates a harmonic atmosphere and beautiful imagery. While she is spinning on her hoop she twists her body into original shapes, combining flexibility and elegance. Aerial Silks Act: Lillis’ silks act is beautifully choreographed, combining graceful poses and breathtaking drops. She spellbinds her audience while effortlessly moving high up in the air. Duo Performances: The combination of Lilli and Sara’s work results in perfect harmony and brings out an expressive and personal style in the air. Lilli and Sara can perform a duo hoopand a synchronised silks routine.


At the age of 12 Lilli joined the Youth Circus Mignon in Hamburg where she grew up. Developing aerial skills as well as creative group work she performed in a variety of shows and festivals. Since graduating from the Circus Space in the Summer of 2007 Lilli has performed in various shows and events. Having a strong aerial background Lilli specialises in solo/ doubles Hoop and Silks but also performs on other aerial equipment. During the degree course Lilli met her aerial partner Sara Lundstedt, who she has been developing several duo acts with.


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