Name: Sonic Sideshow
Type: Tech-Art, Sideshow / Cabaret / Comedy Walk About / Community & Street / Fantasy / Installations / Interactive / Mix 'n' mingle / Period / Themed / Walk About
Themes: Sci-fi, Steampunk, Science, Retro-future / Avant-garde / Country & Western / Interactive / Renaissance / Space / 1920's / Victorian
Location: UK / International

Performances Cabaret: Motown Chainsaw Massacre A classic Motown love-duet gone oh so wrong. On-stage creative differences escalate to an arms-race with explosions, blades and noise-gore until a final thermonuclear explosion prompts a re-think about the nature of collaboration. Black-comedy, sonic slap-stick! Custom Themed Shows With individually tailored sample sets the suits lend themselves very well to creating custom shows. In a memorable bespoke act, the bumbling voice Boris Johnson was cut into a Girls Aloud track with added funky blacksploitation lyrics as part of the ‘Boris Keep Your Promise’ campaign – a request that the Mayor honours his promise to fund London’s rape crisis centres. Walk-about: Human Xylophone Here the audience gets to play Amundsen and Slade like a walking human instrument. By pressing a patch and speaking into a microphone, passers-by can record sounds directly onto their bodies, then play them back by means of the special "Electric Spoons". An avant-garde brew of beat-boxing, blasphemy and belching played alongside bands and DJs, facilitating all manner of random tangents. Audience Interactive Sonic Shoot-Em-Up A game in which two feisty members of the audience are strapped into the suits and shamelessly incited into a bare-knuckle sound fight. Strapped together at the waist, the adversaries cannot flee as, with the help of the audience, they record rib-cracking, blood-curdling fighting sounds onto their body patches. They battle it out with Ennio Moricones ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ as a backing-track  – the audience keeps score, and Amundsen and Slade referee as the sonic carnage unfolds. Sonic Contraptions Visitors to this year’s Thames festival were drawn into a world of Heath Robinson-esque sonic curiosities as their doodles became drumbeats, courtesy of Sonic Sideshow. Harnessing the power of the Waterwheel Beat Sequencer, the audience’s drawings were turned into rhythmic patterns, using a water-powered turn table and light sensors. Other curiosities included scrap metal sculptures with sonic capabilities. Inspired by Soul Suit technology, sound bites from the audience were recorded onto the installation and triggered by an “Electric Wand,” creating a wholly interactive and questionably instrumental experience! Put together, these inventions create an improvisational orchestra of odds and ends; an always entertaining, and often surprising outcome of musical mayhem!


Sonic Sideshow - Curious Tech-Art Cabaret from the good old fashioned future The Amundsen and Slade Sonic Sideshow is an interactive tech-art experience, blurring the barriers between man and machine and taking you back in time to the future! Deployed in the world of festivals, cabaret shows, art galleries and events, we have performed everywhere from squat parties and A-Listers’ birthdays to The Tate Modern and countless festivals. For the most part, the performances are based around the Soul Suits – hand-crafted leather creations that trigger sounds when special patches are touched and record sounds onto the performers’ bodies with a microphone. Due to the versatility of the suits, we have several different styles of performance, from cabaret to walkabout, the details of which can be found below. The Soul Suits’ retro-futuristic style is reminiscent of Jules Verne's adventure stories and the iconic uniforms of 1930's futurist superheros. The science behind the concept was the brain-child of Nathaniel Slade, who first began the project during his physics and music degree. While Aste Amundsen, with her background in costume design and art direction, was creator of the suits’ innovative and instantly-recognizable exterior. Together, the double-act make up The Amundsen and Slade Sonic Sideshow- a steam-powered tech art cabaret performance from futures past!


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