Name: Duo Vertigo
Type: Aerial Hoops / Aerialist / Circus Performance / Trapeze / Silks / Aerial Hoops
Location: UK

Duo Vertigo is composed of Juliette Hardy and Bryan Donaldson. These accomplished aerialists perform beautiful traditional circus acts in the air and on the ground, and have collaborated closely with Lavish on events such as Equilibrium and Dockside Story (see our case studies for a show reel).

Juliette and Bryan teamed up in 1994 whilst performing at the Blackpool Tower Circus, England. They have been working together ever since touring the world over with their Trapeze and original Double Corde Lisse acts. In 2003, Duo Vertigo returned to Cirque Maximum in France for their third season - performing the Petit Volant trapeze act, trained by Juliette and featuring Bryan as the catcher. They are adept at rigging their own equipment, providing a complete service from start to finish for any circus event or large-scale show.


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