Client: IMIE
Location: British International Motorshow
Date: Summer, 2006

"Lavish delivered a superbly imaginative large-scale theatrical production at the British International Motor Show and in so doing completely re-invented the traditional car stunt show. They were a pleasure to work with."
Rob McKenzie, Director IMIE

To celebrate the return of the British International Motorshow to London in 2006, Lavish's Ami Jade Cadillac was commissioned by Rob Mackenzie and the IMIE as Show Producer to create a stadium show starring Vauxhall, which would complement the live action arena and draw larger, more varied crowds to the event. Relishing the opportunity to write and produce a live show of such scale, Lavish created Dockside Story: the World's first 'Motor Theatre'. A modern, action-packed roller-coaster ride of a show, Lavish's unique adaptation of Romeo and Juliet ran four times a day for twelve days straight, was enjoyed by over 90,000 people, and proved to be the greatest hit of the entire Motorshow.

Studded with everything from stiletto-wearing trapeze artists suspended from chandeliers & swinging from gleaming JCB's, to a priest riding a vesper, urban acrobatics coupled with car stunts that had audiences on the edges of their seats, and jaw dropping motorbike stunts that had our daredevil bikers leaping through the air directly above the heads of in-house cult Rockabilly band Vincent & the Razorbacks; the show transported Shakespeare firmly into the 21st Century and left audiences in no doubt as to what the future looks like.

Maintaining creative control over all elements of Ami's design, Lavish collaborated with a host of skilled artists such as scriptwriter Scott Richards to develop the script, Mark Nicholls to create the musical score, K Knight the dance choreography, Mother of London the design of the stunning costumes; and world-famous stunt driver, Terry Grant, in the production of all those breath-taking feats of daring and dexterity.

"There truly was something for everyone in the show that literally pumped adrenaline and gasoline into the greatest story of all time. It's got Monaro's pulling twenty second donuts, upside-down dancing acrobats swinging from chandeliers and a seriously enthusiastic rock band [The Vincent Razorbacks] giving it their all... The kids will love it, promise."
Mike Duff, Editor - (Fifth Gear Online)

"Make your way to the motor show theatre...Think Andrew Lloyd Webber meets the Dukes of Hazard in a supercharged musical." (The Times)

"There's a high octane rock extravaganza in store for visitors to the British International Motor Show. In a heady mix of circus, west end theatre and urban dance, the VXR Dock Side Story sets out to thrill... It's action packed all the way!"(Birmingham Post)

"the VXR Dock-Side Story is far more than just a series of stunts. It is a complete theatrical live action show aimed at vying with contemporary West-End productions. The action is choreographed to the classic Shakespearian tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Uniquely however, it is staged in the open air against a gritty waterside Docklands backdrop - Tarantino meets Shakespeare." (Wiltshire Car News)


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