'Dr Who Spectacular', Linde

Client: Linde 386 Product Launch
Location: Brighton Hilton Metropole Hotel

Lavish ripped through the fabric of time and space to deliver a high impact product launch show for the forklift manufacturer Linde. The 'Dr Who' themed spectacular witnessed Dr Who and Rose emerging from the Tardis, asking "Where are we? - in fact, when are we?", only to be swiftly surrounded by roller skating Dalek girls. Daleks?! "Old hat", says the Doctor, but hold on - there's a new Dalek on the scene, and it's better, faster, more efficient, and more manoeuverable!!

Cue slick choreography and pumping music, before Dr and the Medics explode onto the stage with their rendition of Robbie William's 'Let Me Entertain You', and the Dalek Pod cracks open to reveal the ultimate material handling machine: the all new Linde 386. Wrapped up with a thumping 'Time Warp' that had the audience singing and clapping in their seats even at ten in the morning, the Linde presenter next on stage began his speech "Well, follow that!"


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