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"I was lucky enough to attend and perform at the launch of The Kingdom Project with a view to curating the main events. Of the people, for the people and by the people..the launch event presented art/performance/music and film in unique local venues ranging from book shops to an historical local church. I'm a great believer in community and cultures part in bringing people together especially in the digital age - spaces and places where we can share collective experiences and as such the Kingdom Project is a great example with even greater possibilities."

Don Letts
Musician, Film maker, Writer, BBCR6 presenter

Established in 2018 and inspired by eccentric genius Richard Booth, the self-proclaimed King of Hay, Kingdom Project is the community based arm of Lavish. Set up by Ami Cadillac to create Art for Change, Kingdom Project  is curated by some of most respected names in music and the arts.

Working out of a tiny Art House in Hay-On-Wye – the ‘Flaming Lady Of Hay’ – Kingdom Project is run and produced by a core female group of Hay based arts and event professionals who believe that high calibre, diverse arts should be accessible to everyone.

Our inaugural project ‘A Jaunt Through the Kingdom’ took place in Hay-On-Wye in 2018 and since then our life changing projects have reached audiences across the UK and as far as Ghana in West Africa. Our supporters include Festival Republic, Africa Women’s Development Fund, The Ashley Foundation, Community Foundation of Wales, The Hay on Wye Town Council and the Welsh Arts Council.

The Kingdom Projects impacts the lives of the artists, participants and audiences involved, some in ways that are quite literally, life changing. Don’t just take our word for it, watch the video below or find out more by visiting the Kingdom Project website here: www.kingdomproject.co.uk

Picture Me

‘GenZ Portraits’ inaugural exhibition. Picture Me Worldwide, Latitude Festival


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"What I love most about Picture Me is the way it provides practical and concrete job skills and career prospects for young women in a still male-dominated sector, yet at the same time works with those young women to unlock their self-confidence, their self-belief and their development of world views that power their journeys through life.
The talent unearthed is amazing and the leadership skills engendered through their work and the networking opportunities invaluable.
Young women holding hands across continents, sharing their experiences, telling their own stories through exploration of their personal and their camera lenses.
Insightful, daring, creative - just brilliant, really."

Theo Sowa CBE
Social activist, independent advisor and recipient of the 2021 Unlocking Big Change award

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